Black Gold of Pangea


Black Gold of Pangea is a composition made of cottonwood, resin, black pigment and brass. It represents the formation of the elements and the evolution of the Earth. From prehistoric times when the Earth had only one continent, Pangea, and the compacting of biomass turned it into fossil fuels, also known as Black Gold. To today when the Earth is suffocating, and figuratively is immersed in an ocean of extracted Black Gold and its derivatives.Β 


The rich black color of the resin draws the gaze and the attention, while serving as a high contrast background of the irregular and intricate pattern of the cottonwood. The mineral oils used to protect and polish the grain of the wood amplify the contrasting effect.


The polished surface creates an impression of petrified wood. You can clearly see that one of the pieces separated from the main cookie similar to how South America separated from Pangea.


But why are there two identical "South America" pieces? Why is one of them a perfect match and the other's outline does not match the larger piece? What cataclysm happened on the flip side? Is it possible that there is a hint of Atlantis or a Big Flood.Β 

There are several hidden Easter eggs revealing the journey of the composition in time, and the trials and errors of producing it. Can you spot some of them?