Epoxy River Table

Hickory Epoxy River Table Set of 3

A beautifully handcrafted 3 table set with a coffee table 24x24x16 and two side tables 12x12x18 made out of solid reclaimed hickory and nicely blended with translucent blue epoxy. Water resistant and food safe. For added effect, comfort and safety the tables feature light and motion activated backdrop LED lights, so you never bump your knees in the dark.Β 

The making of an epoxy river table


The mold holds thee pieces in place and gives the shape of the epoxy portion. It needs to be water tight or you are looking at a big mess.


Fitting the pieces of wood is precise and should align on all axises.


Wood will float in epoxy. Clamping down keeps the parts in place. The caulking prevents epoxy from spilling, In theory ...


This where it happens! Mixing the pigment, measuring the volume, popping the bubbles and pouring it in place.


After two days of drying remove the mold and get ready for the planer.


Nice and smooth, after planing and sanding.


Bolt the legs down and polish.

Final touch

polish with two types of oil to seal the grain, scratch proof and waterproof.