Portable Workbench 

I wanted to have a workbench that's both portable, and also build as classic workbench.  The typical front vise, end vise, and a top with a 4" grid of 3/4" peg holes gave me the versatility of the classic workbench. The shelve space, the size and the wheels gave me the mobility I was hoping for. I used 2x4 structural pine lumber and the harder rosewood for the end vise and front edge.

Front vise

The 7" auto release front vise can be used with the pegs to hold smaller pieces or as a regular vise. Also comes with magnetic walnut jaw inserts.

End vise

The 10" end vise is tucked under the top and the jaws are made out of two hard rosewood blocks. It can be used with pegs to hold larger sheets and pieces. I wish I used the 12" vise so that there is less bending of the jaws at the ends.


The larger 5" swivel casters wheels with dual locking are perfect to roll the bench anywhere in the garage or out in the driveway. Locking two or more casters ensures the bench is not moving while in use. A great way to enjoy working outdoors and annoy your neighbours!


The shelf is perfect to store smaller clamps, triangle, drills and other tools. The larger shelf is ideal to store stock material or work in progress and move the whole project and all tools together. 

The making of the workbench

Measure 3 times, cut once!

Having a solid design helps figuring out different aspects of the project. Dimensions, joints and cutlist are easier to modify on the fly when you use the parametric model in Fusion 360.


Fusion 360 will generate the drawing based on the model, automatically!

Cut list

This took a bit more work, I hear there is BoM plugin that'll do that automatically.


It is really nice to visualize the assembly as you go. Makes also for a great user guide.

Raw 2x4s cut to size

Glue the legs

Construct the frame

Assemble the wheels

Adding shelves

Installing the end vise (very finicky process, took me a whole day!)

Gluing, planning and installing the top (very long process)

Installing the front vise

Creating a custom 4" drilling template for the peg holes

All holes in the grid complete!

Testing the front vise

Testing the end vise. All DONE!