The Wishing Moonlight

Wish upon a ... a full moon

The Wishing Moon Light, a creative expression of our never-ending hope and pursuit of love, acceptance, and happiness, is deeply intertwined with the full moon's symbolism. Its base is a beautiful walnut piece in the shape of a hexagon, signifying higher wisdom and spirituality. The hexagonal shape, often used in religious space designs to exude peace and calmness, replicates various natural chemical bonds such as those found in snowflakes and honeycombs.

The stand

The intricate stand, blending the warm soft lines of the grain with the sharp edges of the stand, represents the importance and complexity of the community and the support it provides for the fulfillment of our dreams. This unique design highlights the harmonious balance between individuality and collective strength, reminding us of the power of unity in helping us achieve our aspiration


In different traditions, the full moon symbolizes completion, abundance, and transformation. As the sun illuminates the entire moon, it becomes full, round, and bright - a perfect time for intentions planted during the new moon to come into fruition.


This enchanting creation, "The Wishing Moon Light," brings the power of the full moon into your home, serving as a reminder of our connection to the celestial world. The full moon is an ideal time to meditate, connect with your intentions, and set the right mindset for your rituals. By focusing on pushing out negativity, you can maximize your luck during this time.

Healing Energy

Under the glorious full moon, forgiveness and love take center stage as we let go of past grievances. With affirmations like, "I forgive everything, everyone, every memory of the past or present that needs forgiveness. I forgive everyone. I also forgive myself for past mistakes. The Universe is love, and I am forgiven and governed by love alone," we can immerse ourselves in the full moon's healing energy.