Fragments of Us

Fragments of Us

"Fragments of Us" is a wall art piece that intricately weaves the essence of family narratives with the timeless elegance of mixed-media artistry. This collection of wooden blocks, each masterfully combined with resin and accented with select bronze ornaments, comes together on a canvas awash with the radiant hue of bright sunny orange, symbolizing the warmth and light families bring to our lives.

Each block in "Fragments of Us" tells a unique story, a fragment of the larger family tapestry, capturing moments of harmony, personal evolution, and the veiled depths behind the smiles preserved in family portraits. The incorporation of bronze elements lends a touch of grandeur and permanence, reminiscent of the lasting impact of heritage and shared memories.

This art piece is more than a mere decorative installation; it is a commentary on the bonds that link us, the shared and individual experiences that shape our collective journey. The interplay of natural wood grain, the clarity of resin, and the luster of bronze creates a dance of textures and finishes that is as diverse and complex as the concepts of family, clan, kin or tribe.

It was a privilege to present "Fragments of Us" to Marge Grow-Eppard, also known as Sister Who Walks With Bears, a Miwok/Me-Wuk Tribal Elder, healer, and speaker. Her role as President of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women & People of California deeply resonates with the artwork's essence. The red and orange hues reflect the cause's mission to rebuild lost family connections and shed light on the historical and contemporary  tragedies that have befallen many Native-American children and women. The synergy between her words, and even the symbolism in her attire matched the emotions encapsulated in the piece.

The event was held at Acalanes High School in Lafayette by the initiative of my wonderful and crafty daughter Monica as part of her Girl Scout - Gold Award project to build a new structure to the educational Miwok Village Exhibit at the Lafayette Community Garden with the support of my amazing wife Desi, who lended her invaluable and passionate support to this effort.